Kamal Posh

Sufism is the ancient wisdom of the heart. It is not limited by time or place or form. It always was and it always will be. There have always been lovers of God, long before they were known as Sufis.

Sufi Whirling Dance

There is a story about a group of mystics, a band of lovers of God, who were called the Kamal Posh. 
Kamal Posh means blanket wearers, for their only possession was a blanket which they wore as a covering during the day and used as a blanket at night. 
As the story goes they traveled throughout the ancient world from prophet to prophet but no one could satisfy them. Every prophet told them to do this or to do that, and this did not satisfy them. 
Then one day, at the time of Muhammad, the Prophet was seated together with his companions when he said that in a certain number of days the men of the Kamal Posh would be coming. 
So it happened that in that number of days this group of Kamal Posh came to the prophet Muhammad. 
And when they were with him, he said nothing, but the Kamal Posh were completely satisfied. 
Why were they satisfied? Because he created love in their hearts, and when love is created, what dissatisfaction can there be?

The Kamal Posh recognized that Muhammad knew the mysteries of the heart. They stayed with the Prophet and were assimilated into Islam. 
According to this story the Kamal Posh became the mystical element of Islam. And later these wayfarers became known as Sufis, perhaps in reference to the white woolen blanket, sûf, which they wore, or as an indication of their purity of heart, safâ, for they were also known as the pure of heart.

I love this short parable of Kamal Posh, and their meeting with the prophet Muhammad. It is simply a beautiful expression which had happened in the universe. Kamal Posh are mystics who went from one prophet to another searching for something which would make them fulfilled but no one was able to satisfy them. It is just as how we are if we truthfully follow our own heart. And when they actually met the Buddha or Muhammad, although he was not saying anything and they were also not asking but just being with him satisfies them completely so they stayed with him thereafter. 
Now their seeking has stopped because they found what they are actually looking for the beloved of the heart and also known its mysteries. 

(source of the story: goldensufi.org)


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