Talking about gross national happiness, at some point the world think Bhutan is chasing this goal of the inner wealth because we lack material wealth. So, it seems like Bhutanese are simply trying to substitute maternal wealth with GNH, or like an tranquilizer which makes people feel good at least even though they are not living a luxurious life objectively. But I think there is much more to it.

It is very simple, the main aim of GNH is to have a good governance- who doesn't really want a good and transparent government serving the people. It is to preserve our culture and natural environment. To have sustainable development etc. those are a very realistic goal and which would help our well-being in the end. It's not only to be practiced by somebody who lacks material wealth or something like that, in fact some of the most advanced countries also started appreciating those values but still they find it very difficult to adopt them and practice it because it's not a cheap method to be truth, transparent, and really be nice and friendly with the environment. It's a type of cancer you could find mostly in the blood of Bhutanese people.

The outer world or the materialism part is very easy to grasp and very definite, so it's very easy for us to be tempted and alluring but we as a Bhutanese think we should keep moving on the path of finding everlasting happiness in life and that really defines us and makes us unique. The more you enjoy the objects of this world and the more you have access to them it only makes you feel that although you have everything now as far as the world could give yet there is always something missing in you, and you are never fulfilled. you can't escape that moment of emptiness if you are intelligent, otherwise you would be really busy engaged in the objective world forever and ever ignorant of the gold mine which is hidden within you by the god.

Bhutanese people possess the sort of wisdom that knows you could achieve all those wealth, name, fame, etc. but then what? even if you have achieved them all, in the end you would not be fulfilled at all, but the emptiness within you would remain with you, only the wealth around you increases where as you yourself just remains as the same poor guy or even low compare with the load of material wealth you have collected around. So, from the very beginning why not search for the root cause of happiness without wasting much energy for trivial. In fact, we could pour that precious energy in shaping the inner world and that is intelligent.

People are also aware of the relationship with the material world. It's not ignored at all, in fact we appreciate it so much that you could see Bhutan's aggressive goal of saving about 70% of the country's forest for all time to come soon, and to save all the wild life as much as possible. 

Cordyceps is nowadays priced even more higher than gold in the New York market but we don't sell it not more than just required, Bhutan is a beautiful place, full of natural wonders for tourist business but again we don't promote it as much as others do because we must preserve our culture and tourist only helps to influence other culture. Bhutan is a very densely covered with forest it could export timber to its nearby country like India or we could also become like a hub of furniture export but again we must save our natural environments, and things like that. 

We should understand that neither the objective world is complete nor the inner world alone. And the truth is that the objective world is simply an expression of the inner world, and the inner world is only the source of the objective world. So, if you really want happiness than you must do something at the root level instead of hanging around the bush, as a Bhutanese I see Bhutan in that direction. So, you see it's not really the materiel world, or even the internal world we are chasing particularly after all. It about creating a balance between the two and achieving happiness.


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