Lesson learned

Few days back, I was waiting for the city bus in the bus stop at Kalya Nagar to come back to my place Chandapura from my friends place. So I was waiting for the bus it wasn't coming soon unlike other days, I had already waited more than 20-25 minutes. Then, there was this auto rickshaw coming towards me and seems like he is looking for a potential customer, I can't go by auto as it little too far but I though maybe why not extract some information from this guy and know how much time the bus would take me from there to the bus terminal. I am sure he would know it too as everybody knows it except me in the whole world.
So, I called 'Bhaaiya'. He looked at me and was listening to me very attentively, I felt I got is total attention and now I could ask my question. maybe he wouldn't mind just saying how much time it would take me in bus from Kalyanagar to Majestic bus stand as he would have traveled that route 101 times as all autos does everyday. But the moment he got to know that I wasn't interested in riding the auto but simply to get some help he just looked away before even I could finish asking and he just ran away looking for other customers. I was like what the f**k!!!
At that time he had already parked his auto and he is on his heels, I was sure I'm simply wasting his time but i also expected he would at-least spare few seconds to tell just how much time the bus would take me from there. At-least i would do that much.
But i din't decide who is right and who is wrong that moment, I was simply watchful and observant of my own feelings and I felt how bad it is to work just for the money, having no sense of helpfulness to the people and things around.
Obviously, I was also hurt that moment, I saw that.
But when I think about that situation over and over again and analyze it I felt I just got the most valuable lesson in my whole life. He just sort of became like a master for me and my self growth. Like I said above I was hurt so much that time simply because he ignore me and refused to help me, but why would he do that? Not because he think I'm useless, or he was not helpful, etc. but simply because he doesn't even have one nano second to spare for anything except just to achieve his goal. Unlike the majority of us who don't mind helping here and there but has no sense of direction in our own life...just moving at the mercy of the wind. The auto rickshaw driver help me to see it and that surely is a big lesson for me. And maybe you could also learn from my experience too. He is the auto driver who simply ignored to help, but just ended up giving diamonds...


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