Tibet: The Salt of Earth

Tibetan protester; Youth burning himself alive
Tibet, just to hear the name itself is enough to create a mystery in you. It has indeed been one of the very mysterious country for centuries- in terms of its very unique experiments of meditations and the science of inner world.

And it's core religion is emptiness. Emptiness is our real nature and all the phenomenon is just an illusory. not just the objective world but even the phenomena of the most subtle level, for example- like our though process which makes the mind and therefore the mind is also not existing after all. Then, what is existing in the end yet again nothing is lacking and that is the whole mystery Tibet conveys the message to all of us just like the Buddha 25 centuries ago.

And then in 1950s the communist China invaded Tibet and tried to destroy all its core religious systems and its cultural heritage by burning down all the ancient texts, getting into peoples personal life and their affairs, punishing for their practice of age old cultural and religious rituals, and forcing monks to engage in worldly life etc... But still nothing could change the faith of Tibetan people. 

So many Tibetans including the two most important Lamas of Tibet like the Dalai Lama and The Karmapa had already left their own country and are living in exile around the world and with them so many more lamas and monks and people. And wherever they live you could see them living just like how they use to live in Lhasa and continue their own practice as usual. It is beautiful to see such human beings with so much faith and trust. Really amazing.

Potala Palace
I also feel that everything is emptiness and illusory in fact but at the same time we have so many things around us too. And just like them I too feel it's all about knowing how to live in balance and harmony between inner and the outer world to have peace. Having felt so I wonder if Tibetans could let go of their outer symbols like their culture and traditions if at all everything is just emptiness and illusory. It may be unique and beautiful but that is not the point if it binds you and makes life difficult at some point. That could be a huge relief and it would let them forgive their old enemy China as well. But please don't misunderstand me because when I say letting of of the culture its just the outer ways and means they they are attached to what I'm only referring to, and not the wisdom that should be abandoned

If you say your culture and tradition are more genuine and better than what china has, I totally agree with you but in the end we both know that all methods has to let go. That is the truth unshakable.

And also there is an saying which goes "When in Rome, do as Romans do".  there was one such lama known as Chögyam Trungpa who was a monk in Tibet for centuries, reincarnations after reincarnations served as spiritual head. But when he just reached America, he just not only changed his clothes from a yellow robe to a modern tie and blazer according to the situation but also completed his circle of male and female energy by marrying a beautiful lady. The outer way of life change but not the slightest wisdom, in fact he has produced so many arts, literature, meditation methods etc. which best suits to the modern type of people, and its beautiful.

I think the Dalai Lama is exactly trying to do that because he is the master of emptiness and he clearly understands that outer ways and means are nothing in the end and being attached to his own culture and traditions is also a bondage in this samsara but majority of his people are not yet ready. And I feel that only makes them suffer at some point around the globe today. I could see them in India, America, Nepal, etc. and its only their physical body which is there but their mind is still hang around in Lhasa or somewhere in Tibet. Physically there are here, but their mind is not so it's like a dead leave in a way. They are all beautiful, simple and compassionate beings and I wan't to seem them more lively and happily. And I understand them why they are missing their soul.

Don't be foolish here. I only mean for the Tibetan youths especially who are young and little stupid just like me and makes silly mistakes of even burning themselves alive in the name of Tibetan uprising. They should not wait but act against China and it could be done nicely, when they can't kill Chinese they are killing themselves and that is equally violent and ugly. There should be some nicer way of uprising. Buddhist are very expert in skillful ways and means of doing things from ancient times, It time Tibetans should prove it now. And now is the time of social medias and technology to make a huge change. 


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