What's wrong with Donald Trump?

Wow! That's a huge blow right on the face of Donald Trump and all his fellow Americans. I think that just reminds USA- that before pointing fingers to others first they should look at their own ugly face.

They had initiated so many wars  in the middle east, Afghanistan, spend almost all their penny on building modern armaments, etc. They have not just spoiled their economy system but also dragged the other countries too with them down the drain in the course so many wars, so many has suffered around the world.

As one of the most powerful country, America is like a salt. It may not make the whole curry but its influence could be felt everywhere. Their own constitution believes that 'with greater power comes greater responsibilities'. But are they actually following it? that is the most fundamental question they should contemplate a bit if they are living in luxury as they think and have some time to spare. 

Even the farmers of Bhutan have so much time to love, laugh and share some meals together in the evening apart from their busy agriculture activities everyday. But I think Americans must be having much time as they are living in one of the most advanced and developed country. or else you are not smart.


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